He Bangs! He Bangs!

In case you already haven’t noticed this phenomenon which has been around since the 70′s and seemed to have a resurgence in the early 2000′s, (and now again) let me enlighten you.

Exhibit A

This my friend is what we lovingly call the “Bama Bang”.  It seems to be extremely popular in the South and has been for quite some time.  I would also like to have a side note here and point out that he is wearing croakies with not only a suit but an ill fitting one at that.  Okay, I just had to get that out.

There are several variations and I will not hesitate to point them out.  Exhibit A shows the all over long shaggy look, however, the photo above shows the more rural adaptation of short everywhere but the front.  This is probably a true form of “Bama Bang”.

The Wrap Around Bang

I pretty much thought the first two bang hairstyles were soon to be obsolete until Mr. Bieber hit the scene.  Now, I’m concerned for all the boys and men that will try to emulate this hairstyle.   The reason why I am covering this topic is because I feel very strongly that anyone over the age of sixteen should NOT be flaunting this do.  I truly wish I could find video of him doing his infamous whiplash hair flip.  We prefer a little something lower maintenance.   That’s all we’re sayin’.


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