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Don’t Be That Guy…..

1.  That people can smell before they even walk in the room.

Axe Body Spray

2.  That talks about the cost of his house, shirt, shoes, dog… the list goes on with this type


3.  That wears a design on his shirt that he would also possibly get inked on his arm.

Too Graphic Tee

4.  That pops their polo collar and they are not Kanye.

Popped Collar

5.  That claims to listen to the MOST obscure music and watch the MOST obscure films

I’m Cool

<image by Suzanne Tennant>


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Stand By Your Man: Emmy Awards

Mens looks at award shows don’t really vary. Black tux. Tie or Bow tie? Regardless. Lets take a look at the best dressed.

Tom Hanks {photo/Michael Buckner image source}

Jon Hamm {image source}

Conan{photo/Robyn Beck image source}

Bacon {photo/David Livingston image source}

Neil Patrick Harris {photo/David Livingston image source}

Riding Solo-The Silver Fox

John Slattery {photo/David Livingston image source}

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Item of the Week: Hasso

{image source 1, 2, 3}

Hasso is a Columbian company run by two young guys who are as obsessed with detailing and quality as we are (probably more).  Not only do they design and sell incredibly sophisticated garments but they specialize in accessories as well.  They have everything from satchels, backpacks, ipod cases, laptop cases and the list goes on.  Also, everything is made my master artisans in Bogota, Columbia.  Cool huh?

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Hot or Not: Selling Soles

Crooked Tounges is selling soles….would you purchase any of these casual shoes from Adidas or Nike?

Adidas Db Doley Lux? (yeah db stands for David Beckham)

Adidas DB Gazelle Vintage

Nike Air Rally

{image sources all}


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Tighten Up

…and now for a musical interlude.

Today’s celebrity style, The Black Keys Tighten Up

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Jeepers! Where’d You Get Those Peepers?

Oh just over here…

Rouge W./Indie Nation {Image Source}

Advocate/ Oliver Peoples {Image Source}

Bartholomew Tortoise/Vintage {Image Source}

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Tie in Some Justice

AOL featured an article of things you just HAD.TO.HAVE.  I thought I would just judge for myself and lo and behold they DID have something YOU can’t live without.  FIGS is a company that specializes in neckties and helping children in developing countries get school uniforms.  For every tie that you purchase a school uniform goes to a child in a developing country who is ready to go to school but can’t afford the required clothing.   (BTW the owner/founder Heather Hasson used to work for Gucci so she KIND OF knows what she is doing in the design department!)  Check it out and help a child in need.

Camus Tie in Pink

Pure British Wool Tie


Silk Print Bow Tie

Bicycle Tie in Chocolate

Italian Silk Woven

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