Tweet. Tweet @somethinglegit

I must say that I am a little embarrassed. We jumped on the Twitter wagon sometime ago, but never really committed. (Visually it is like we are riding our skateboards behind the back of the twitter wagon holding on by a loose thread.) <insert maybe a great tshirt idea here>

Today my friends, no light dip into the Twitter pool, I’m jumping. Much to my surprise, we had even been re-tweeted, @tweeted, and tweet listed. All new vocab words to add into my already ridiculous abbreves/slang nation.  Sweet.

Here we are on Twitter: @somethinglegit lets conversate!

Here are some of the people we follow. NeedSupply (amazing store based in VA), DonG (blogging and fashion aficionado), Sea Of Shoes (Dallas fashion blogger represent) Hello Splendor (Home/Modern Life), Aspiring Kennedy (UK Bound), FabK (Designer), Studio Surface (West Coast Delicious Design), plus Gentleman bloggers  IanTrevor and Condividiamo!



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2 responses to “Tweet. Tweet @somethinglegit

  1. Thanks for the shout out… so glad you’ve entered into the world of cool.

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