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Trail Blazing

1.Harvest Herringbone Ludlow

2. DSquared Blazer

3.Beyond Closet Wool Blazer

4.Faux Suede Blazer

5.Circular Knit Blazer



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Mini Stripe Pocket T

By Apolis Activism

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What Up With That?: Do This NOT That

I’ll let you guess the “do” and the “don’t”.

Johnny WEIRD and Andy Cohen

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In The Trenches

Shop Trench Coats

Courtesy of Zara Menswear

Black Cotton Coat

Funnel Collar Coat

Military Style Coat

Cross Cover Raincoat

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Item of the Week: Non-Slippery Soap

Magnet Soap Holder

This innovative and sleek little soap holder is a great way to store soap next to the bathroom or kitchen sink.  Also, one less thing you have to clean soap scum off of right?

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Zac Ef-“beard and molester stache”

Zac Efron

I am not a big fan of facial hair on ANYONE but now I can add a definite NOT to Zac Efron.  I am sure that this is for a role or he is trying to prove that he is a man and not a high schooler but this is not the way to go about it.   Him and Chase Crawford need to accept and embrace the fact that they look ten years younger than they are and not grow facial hair.  This is icky.

If you have tried to grow facial hair and it comes in all patchy and random….done and done.  Not a look for you.  Don’t do it.  Think Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt.  They look much better as smooth operators.

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Blog Crawl: My Life Is An Open Book

My Life Is An Open Book

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Welcome to “My Life Is and Open Book”. A blog crawl series created by Beth over at Hello Splendor. Yesterday Bryn from the Bryn Alexandra Interiors blog shared her story… I invite you to get me know me.

The author

In a dream world this woman has written my life story….

{image source}

Tina Fey/Liz Lemon

the setting

Dallas, TX and the world

the characters-


that’s me Laura. E-commerce Manager, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Bridesmaid, Blogger + Aspiring Stylist

the sibs

lesley/laura’s elder sister with a smart answer for everything and tommy/laura’s brother with a wise answer for everything

my girls

the united front that make up my support system {this is how we roll}

the lunch bunch

beth, grant, matthew, and lauren {very similar to a sex and the city/mean girls lunch}

the plot-

{image source}

Meet a 20 something girl who dropped everything and packed her bags from Philadelphia, PA to move to Dallas, TX….????…Yeah for real. But along the way she has lived a lot of life. In the 3 short years it has been since she has graduated from college, the experiences of life, love, and friendships have become quite comical.

{Jumping jobs/career paths 3+ times, 10x a bridesmaid (this is so real), trips across country, joining a band, meeting new friends, and new relationships}

Stressed, confused, feeling slightly dramatic, it is hard to move out on your own with no sense of direction. Finally in the 3rd year of my journey on my own, I feel like I am finally starting to be comfortable with the “unknown” direction of my life. Out the eat about 5days okay 7 days a week. Patio cocktails with my posse, going to shows, shopping, weekend trips, have consumed my life once the work day is over and I can’t complain.

the twist-

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With a trip to Europe in the near future, who knows what will happen? Will I leave all and abandon once again, perhaps send for my things to start a new chapter in my life? Only time will tell…… meanwhile, you can find me here…

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Tomorrow check out this cool lady, Ashlina at The Decorista


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