Tailor Your Interior

Hello Something Legit readers! I am Beth Dotolo, interior designerblogger. I have a mission for the men Something Legit, and that mission is to show you ways to live a completely stylish life… from the wardrobe, to the home. I want to show you how to have a chic bachelor pad that suits your male style. I’m starting out by taking some of the Men Of Style featured here on the blog and basing an interior around their fashion preference and lifestyle.

First up: none other than my husband, Kevin Dotolo. You can see his fashion feature here. When I think of the home he should have (if he weren’t married to me, of course) I have to think of how he would function and live in it. Here’s what we know: He’s a photographer, a musician, a senior art director, a graphic designer, an amazing cook, and a surfer. Here’s what this tells me:

He needs an open space with natural light for photography…

A space for contemplation, music, and work…

A kitschy and casual place for sleeping, decompressing, and romancing…

And, a great kitchen for cooking that doesn’t take itself too seriously…

This is one bachelor pad I could see myself in…



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8 responses to “Tailor Your Interior

  1. Too many guys underestimate the power of a well put together space…it needs to reflect them while still being lady friendly. Love this post, Beth!

  2. That orange kitchen…a-mazing!

  3. great job beth! love your choices, especially that fab office with the eames chair and zebra rug!

  4. I LOVE that office!! Great post!!

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  6. This is fabulous! And I could definitely work with that kitchen too 🙂

  7. beth, thanks for the post, can’t wait to see the next bachelor pad you set the scene for.

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