The Henley

I find this item to be great for fall and winter, worn by itself or layered.  It is more casual than the oxford button down but a little more modern than the polo.

American Apparel

This thermal version comes in sixteen different colors including fluorescents in case you’re wondering.

J Crew

Go with the classic heathered look from JCrew.  Also available in charcoal and navy.


Surfers look good in henleys too.  I especially like this sweatshirt version.


The stitching detail on this one draws attention to the shoulders which is a bonus.  This white one would be great for layering.



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2 responses to “The Henley

  1. Suze

    timeless threads! fun story: my mom has been buying thermal henleys for my dad since the 70s because he looks “so sexy” in them.

    if the ladies are still drawn to these little beauties, there’s something special here.

  2. suze, love love love henleys.

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