Blog Crawl: My Life Is An Open Book

My Life Is An Open Book

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Welcome to “My Life Is and Open Book”. A blog crawl series created by Beth over at Hello Splendor. Yesterday Bryn from the Bryn Alexandra Interiors blog shared her story… I invite you to get me know me.

The author

In a dream world this woman has written my life story….

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Tina Fey/Liz Lemon

the setting

Dallas, TX and the world

the characters-


that’s me Laura. E-commerce Manager, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Bridesmaid, Blogger + Aspiring Stylist

the sibs

lesley/laura’s elder sister with a smart answer for everything and tommy/laura’s brother with a wise answer for everything

my girls

the united front that make up my support system {this is how we roll}

the lunch bunch

beth, grant, matthew, and lauren {very similar to a sex and the city/mean girls lunch}

the plot-

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Meet a 20 something girl who dropped everything and packed her bags from Philadelphia, PA to move to Dallas, TX….????…Yeah for real. But along the way she has lived a lot of life. In the 3 short years it has been since she has graduated from college, the experiences of life, love, and friendships have become quite comical.

{Jumping jobs/career paths 3+ times, 10x a bridesmaid (this is so real), trips across country, joining a band, meeting new friends, and new relationships}

Stressed, confused, feeling slightly dramatic, it is hard to move out on your own with no sense of direction. Finally in the 3rd year of my journey on my own, I feel like I am finally starting to be comfortable with the “unknown” direction of my life. Out the eat about 5days okay 7 days a week. Patio cocktails with my posse, going to shows, shopping, weekend trips, have consumed my life once the work day is over and I can’t complain.

the twist-

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With a trip to Europe in the near future, who knows what will happen? Will I leave all and abandon once again, perhaps send for my things to start a new chapter in my life? Only time will tell…… meanwhile, you can find me here…

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Tomorrow check out this cool lady, Ashlina at The Decorista



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8 responses to “Blog Crawl: My Life Is An Open Book

  1. I enjoyed your ‘story’ and *loved the picture of your support system… your girls:).

  2. So perfect! Love this, Laura!

  3. Oh wow. This made me so happy, especially the part about you never coming home from your upcoming trip to Europe. It made my heart happy. 🙂

    Also… yes. Mean girls. And Tina Fey.

    You complete me.

  4. BUZZ!!! I wish you would complete a book for me to read about your life. I’d need an autographed copy of course.

  5. i enjoyed your ‘story’. and i loved that you chose tina fey to share it. 😉 and wouldn’t that be a dream to never leave a vacation…i’d love to go to europe!

    have a lovely weekend, friend. 🙂

  6. What a great post–loved the twist!

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