Harry Potter: Fashion Inspiration?

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you all roll your eyes at the mention of Harry Potter but let me tell you…he’s on to something.  Him and his little wizard-ing cohorts have been wearing stripe scarves now for over EIGHT years and they continue to be on the top trend list every winter.  So in honor of Part 1 of the LAST.HARRY.POTTER.FILM I will show you my favorites for Winter 2010.


BOSS Tonal Stripes

Found at Bloomingdales

Coal Rugby Stripe

Found at Nordstrom


Converse by John Vervatos Skinny Stripe

Found at Saks

Gap Army/Navy Stripe

Found at Gap

Paul Smith Multi Colored Stripe

Found at Bloomingdales

St. James at J. Crew Nautical Stripe

Found at jcrew



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2 responses to “Harry Potter: Fashion Inspiration?

  1. Suze

    The J Crew nautical stripes are YUM.

  2. HUE is at the premier in London- today. Perfect timing!!

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