Monday Beat: The Strokes + The Kooples

I have just returned from a week in London+Paris. I really can’t even begin to tell you how overwhelmed I was at every turn when I saw a well dressed man…because it was literally every ten seconds. I wish I could tell you I have a lot of footage, I wish I could tell you I went up to the hundreds of them and just said thank you, but I could not. Why? There was honestly just that many. Lessons learned? My US boys have got to step it up. There are about 5% of you doing the work for every one else state side. Just over the pond, the percentages are through the roof and EVERYONE is coming to play.

However, this boutique caught my eye with its great ads that I saw all over the cities. The Kooples,”military elegance, revisited flight jackets…the perfected three piece suit. Close fitting, tailored like the shirts and coats of Saville Row, that infamous street in London that’s been dressing dandies; from gentlemen to rock star”. Real life couples make up the ad campaigns and are tres chic.

I wandered into the shop in the Paris store, Printemps. I barely got a word out to the sales associate since I was so very overwhelmed by his style. But I did grab a catalog of memories.

light grey suit jacket

double collar linen sweater

double neck contrasted sweater




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2 responses to “Monday Beat: The Strokes + The Kooples

  1. Just did a men’s clothing post, but wish I had found your blog before to get tap into all the amazing resources you have for men!

  2. Just checked yours out as well. Great men’s post and love that Emerson Made one as well! Thanks for stopping by!

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