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Item Of The Week: True Love

image source

Looking Good Prince William with his BEAUTIFUL bride Princess Kate.

I know this is a men’s focused blog. But I must say HER DRESS. THAT DRESS.


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Saturdays Surf NYC

Saturdays Surf, New York City is located in downtown Manhattan.

Morgan Collett, Josh Rosen and Colin Tunstall (owners) launched this store to combine their lifestyle loves of living, working, and surfing areas near NYC. Along with books, fine art, life style accessories, and apparel, they also sell boards and wetsuits.

wear Rosen Chalk Stripe Tank

swim Checks Board Shorts

surf Brown and Yellow Noserider

maintain Tommy Guns Sage + Basil Shampoo

curate Randall Mesdon Moonlight Glass 3, 2008/ Chromeogenic Print

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SAK Footwear S/S 2011

Ryusaku Hiruma, known as SAK,  studied the theories in shoes for two years in London.His influences  not only drew from London’s street culture but also to the Renaissance and Industrial Design of  Italy.

images via Lift

(reblogged via swipelife/this hearts on fire)

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via Bergdorf Goodman Blog

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SNS Herning

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Monday Beat: Non Commissioned Officers

a. good music
b. real good music
c. (above) a sweet hat worn by guitarist & friend, Carson (I believe first picked out by his wise brother Will)
d. get this music
e. i recommend track 8 from this album, it goes on repeat often
f. also good live show in case you were wondering.

Non Commissioned Officers

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Their are two classic hairstyles that have graciously made their way back into  style that have totally grabbed our eye. The first is what me and Lauren call “The Cut” and second is a classic buzz. The first time we discussed “The Cut” we were both describing the same hairstyle because two of our friends had just gotten it and we HAD to talk about it. Huge fans..

The Cut

Short on the sides, long on top

image source Robert Pattinson

image source Tommy Ton The Cut

image source Tommy Ton The Cut 2

next keep it classic with this closely shaven buzz cut with a dabble of facial hair

Classic Buzz

image source Tommy Ton Scholar

image source Eduardo Verastegui

image source Kanye by Tommy Ton


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