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Item Of The Week: Tobacco

By the Portland General Store.  This wet-shave soap was created to provide a close and comfy shave. Smoky bass notes will make users think of expensive cigars and leather chairs in an old library, as it has been described from the makers, Portland General Store. Scents include lavender, tobacco, leather, wood, and bergamot.  This soap is also enriched with fruit extracts, aloe, and smoothing oil agents.

available at Hickoree’s Hard Goods


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Merchant No. 4

I have discovered a new fave site….and this is why.

beer cup


wooden utensil set

scandia chair

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One by One…Again

I just got wind that Toms is doing sunglasses now!  When you buy a pair, a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need in a developing country.  Cool huh? And the styles aren’t lacking…

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The Tortoise + The Hair

A.OK Tortoise Aviators



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Random Acts Of Kindness

In this case we’ll call it honesty. I honestly told my brother he was in the wrong today when he showed me some new jeans he scored for $25 bucks!




Yikes! I screamed. I know the length is right but those are 5x to big for you. I thought to myself this a. looks like a farmer or b. a confused 13 year old boy circa 1995 ready to skateboard. As a little sister, I am allowed to be honest right? Judging from the scared and disappointed look on my face as well as my picture text to my sister for a confirmed “Why did you by those?” affirmation. He got the hint and asked if we could run get jeans before he caught an afternoon flight. I was happy to oblige.

And there you go! Levis from UO saved the day and under $100. This girls and boys is a lesson in keeping it fit and tailored. What a difference a FIT makes.

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We’ll Resume After These Messages

So it’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted here at something legit.

…its been a crazy busy time.

Check back soon for more.

Until then enjoy some of our old post by visiting our archives

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