Random Acts Of Kindness

In this case we’ll call it honesty. I honestly told my brother he was in the wrong today when he showed me some new jeans he scored for $25 bucks!




Yikes! I screamed. I know the length is right but those are 5x to big for you. I thought to myself this a. looks like a farmer or b. a confused 13 year old boy circa 1995 ready to skateboard. As a little sister, I am allowed to be honest right? Judging from the scared and disappointed look on my face as well as my picture text to my sister for a confirmed “Why did you by those?” affirmation. He got the hint and asked if we could run get jeans before he caught an afternoon flight. I was happy to oblige.

And there you go! Levis from UO saved the day and under $100. This girls and boys is a lesson in keeping it fit and tailored. What a difference a FIT makes.


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