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Red Earth Trading Company

Here is a mission we can get behind! Are you familiar with Red Earth Trading Co?

Red Earth Trading Co is a company that uses fashion to coincide with life-changing mission. Local leaders and artists from Kenya, Uganda and Nepal have been pulled together to bring you their latest creations. Here is what you need to know about Red Earth Trading Co:

  • Everything they buy is 100% handmade.
  • Each one is uniquely hand-crafted.
  • Every item is purchased 100% Direct Trade. That means they buy all our products directly from the person who made it. No middle men.
  • This group develops & cultivate personal relationships with every artisan.
  • Red Earth sits down with each artisan and agree upon a fair price for every item and pay in full for every order upon completion.

Shop the Men’s Collection

ipad sleeve


Here is how you can get involved


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Everything You See Here Is True

Via “What We Should Call Me” tumblr under the post “When I See A Guy In Cargo Shorts”. Lauren + I do this too.


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Ice House

Matthew’s summer cool. Good head of hair on this one!

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