No Need For Conversation

Let’s just appreciate this for what it is.

photo by the wife: Aspiring Kennedy



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10 responses to “No Need For Conversation

  1. The non-verbal already says too much.

  2. Liz

    I loved this on Instagram – and I still love it now! BUT.. they cut off the shoes!! The best part!

  3. photo by the wife.. v CUTE! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. what a stud! you’ve done good, aspiringkennedy, you’ve done good. -kt
    P.S. good or well? guess I’m in need of another grammar class soon.

  5. LOVE this look, he’s totally stylin’.

  6. I loved this photo on IG! A great shot…total model. đŸ˜‰ I wish my husband would wear those shoes. Love them.

  7. What a hottie! Why can’t more men look this effortlessly stylish?!

  8. Jeff Hopper

    Who does his hair?

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