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Typographic Tees

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Only in dreams


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Short Sleeved Submission

Thank you top man for your summer collection of short sleeve shirts. I love to see these bad boys with the sleeves rolled. Stay cool fellas, stay cool. Available at Topman



Chambray Champion

The Swallows

Blue Stripes

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Team USA Basketball Sartorial Starting Five

The 2012 London Olympics start on Friday. The USA Men’s Basketball squad is favored to win the gold medal. This is not only one of the most impressive collections of athletes in the world, it’s a quite impressive collection of sartorialists.

image source | image source | image source | image source | image source

All of the members of Team USA are doing their thing in the style game, but these five tower over the crowd. I’ve selected one thing to learn from each of these fashion all-stars and ways to apply that in your wardrobe today.

G Russell Westbrook

Don’t care what other people think (especially those with less fashion sense than you.) Westbrook’s motto for life is “why not?”. I think it’s fair to say that he lives out his motto with his style on and off the court. Westbrook is known for being beautifully reckless when’s he tearing it up for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He also wears some of the flashiest outfits when he’s not hoopin’. He made one continuous ‘eff you’ statement throughout the 2012 NBA Playoffs with his always showy, sometimes outrageous shirts. If you find something you like, even if you can’t figure out why you like it, rock it with confidence and people are sure to notice.

G Kobe Bryant

Understated makes a statement. As Kobe as aged as a professional, he’s cut out the baggy pants and shirts and traded them in for immaculately tailored suits. Catch him at All-Star Weekend and you won’t see the flashiest guy in the room anymore. You will see a sharp-dressed man nonetheless. Not every event and certainly not every day calls for a flashy ensemble, but no day calls for you to be caught looking sluggish. Pairing together neutrals is one way to keep it low-key while also giving you an opportunity to hit your outfit with a pop of color (bright orange pocket square coming right up.)

G James Harden

Cultivate a unique personal style. Harden has one of the most unique styles of play in today’s game, and he is also one of the most unique dressers in basketball. The signature beard/mohawk combo is only one piece of the puzzle. He kills it when he’s doing the street look, but his affinity for bow-ties also sets him apart from the rest of the league. Look for ways to style yourself that are uniquely you, and you are sure to stand out.

F LeBron James

Fit is important. LeBron weighs in at 6 ft 8 in, 250 lbs., which means very few articles of clothing are going to fall right on his frame. He doesn’t use his unique build as an excuse to look sloppy. He makes sure everything he dons fits sharply. If you find yourself being frustrated with sizing at the local retail outlets, don’t be afraid to follow LeBron’s lead and pick up that coral shirt and let a tailor get his hands on it. If you are wanting to make a statement with a certain article of clothing, make sure it fits perfectly, so when the glances come your way, you’re on point.

F Kevin Durant

Don’t be afraid to bring a new (or forgotten) accessory to your ensemble. KD brought back the backpack in the 2011 NBA Playoffs to tote his iPad and cell phones. It created a buzz throughout the NBA landscape, and of course, Nike followed suit and created a KD backpack to sell. Although Durant has seemingly moved on from the backpack, he rocked the academic look with confidence. If you’ve been looking in storage at an old classic of yours, bring it back into your arsenal on a Friday night when you’re feeling good and see if anyone takes note.

Not only would this 5-man unit look damn good in post-game presser, they would be tough to slow down on the court.

Today’s guest post was written by a style savvy, sports enthused, graphic designer Brian Hodges. His work can be found on his creative site Hodges Creative.
If you like what you see, which we know that you will, he can be contacted at for your creative needs.

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Mr. Gallagher

I literally squealed when I saw this ensemble of neutrals. TRUTH. Um, Adam, just keep on doing what your doing.

i am galla

Adam Gallagher Street Style Blog

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Midnight Ellum

Check out this new video from The Black Frames.  I play bass.  My brother Tommy is on lead and Lauren’s talented husband Patrick is on the drums. This is a little compilation of some summer road trips to Arkansas and Austin. Enjoy!

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Levi’s Vintage Clothing


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Bow Up


I’m a big fan of this. Mast-McBride

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