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Derek Lam Skateboard


Not sure if this is manly or not but its legit.



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Dear Ryan

I’m big into fashion, so after swimming, when I hang up the Speedo, I definitely want to get into fashion and start designing my own clothing line – Ryan Lochte
Dear Ryan,
We are big into YOU.  We’re into your athletic abilities (obvi), your attitude, and your style.  Let’s just say you are not boring (ahem. like some other swimmer that shall not be named) and you’re “Ain’t nothing but a G thing” persona and fashion statements are much appreciated by the Something Legit ladies.  I have a feeling we are not alone in these sentiments.
Carry on with your awesomeness (and maybe retire the grill),
L & L
image by E
 image via MTV Style

image via E

And now for some “Olympic” style…

image via MTV Style

image via official website

Gotta love a swimmer who can see past solid red, blue, and black

image via MTV Style

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Top Gear

I ran into this lovely lad at the Shell station this morning. Not a bad look for casual Friday non? My favorite, is this outdoor jacket with a tailored fit and those chocolate Ted Baker oxfords. {a stranger…well not really Taylor and his good wife Alli are good friends + neighbors, just a coincidence to run into each other on the morning commute} Oh yeah and Taylor has “the cut” so much respect.


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Dirty Harry

I’ve always felt pretty strong for Harry Shum Jr. These looks via GQ are no exception. hello harry.

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Perfect In Purple

David Beckham in Ralph Lauren Purple Label

via SoJones

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Item Of The Week: True Love

image source

Looking Good Prince William with his BEAUTIFUL bride Princess Kate.

I know this is a men’s focused blog. But I must say HER DRESS. THAT DRESS.

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Celebrity Style: Usher

Signature look? White tees and bomber jacket.  However he pretty much gets it most of the time. Thank you sir for keeping it consistent!


Pretty Boy




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