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Colored Pants Son

Colored Pants, Son

Fellas, I’m here to tell you that you need to rock colored pants.

The ladies have been doing this trend right for a couple of years now, and it’s time for you to step up to the plate.

I bought the red chinos you see below from J. Crew Factory, but if you check any of the quality men’s retailers out there, they’ll have something for you.

If you have had any hesitations with the trend, I’m here to provide three prime situations for the colored pants.

Don’t be discouraged by the rain clouds, the bright pants will look even better under the subdued skies. I suggest a solid pair of rain boots that you can either tuck the pants into or roll up the pants above. A quality rain jacket and your favorite long sleeve shirt should do the trick just fine.

Shoes: Tretorn Skerry Rain Boots Pants: J. Crew Factory Red Chinos Shirt: J. Crew Broken-In Tee Layer: Marmot Rain Jacket

For that perfect fall afternoon with the crisp air, I suggest you pair some variety of a chunky boot with a nice texture. I chose a pair of Sperry’s suede chukka boots, but you can take this look wherever you want. I’m a big advocate of the puffer vest because it gives you a good warm layer, but it doesn’t complete hide whatever great shirt you have on underneath.

Shoes: Sperrys Suede Chukka Boots Pants: J. Crew Factory Red Chinos Shirt: J. Crew Plaid Button-Up Layer: Merona Puffer Vest

While everyone else is stumbling in, make a statement in your Monday morning meeting with your bright pants. A great way to easily dress up the bright pants is to throw on a nice sweater or even a tweed or wool sport coat. White bucks are a great match for many outfits, but they are also perfect for whatever color of pants you decide to wear because they’ll match and compliment the bright color.

Shoes: Fossil White Suede Bucks Pants: J. Crew Factory Red Chinos Shirt: Vintage blue oxford Layer: J. Crew nautical striped sweater

Today’s guest post was written by a style savvy, sports enthused, graphic designer Brian Hodges. His work can be found on his creative site Hodges Creative.
If you like what you see, which we know that you will, he can be contacted at for your creative needs.



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Mr. Gallagher

I literally squealed when I saw this ensemble of neutrals. TRUTH. Um, Adam, just keep on doing what your doing.

i am galla

Adam Gallagher Street Style Blog

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Hey Brett [spoken as valley as possible]

‘Hey Brett!’ These are the words I kept uttering to the gentlemen pictured below, Brett, on our trip to NYC this past weekend. Lauren and I went on a 2 day get-a-away to celebrate her birthday. Plus we were with 3 of our best friends Kyla, Katelyn and Rachel. Rachel and Brett go away back to collegiate years and semesters abroad.

A basics uniform

a chambray sundae (I meant to spell it that way. I did)

Just note this was what we saw on Brett in two days. Can you imagine a week of what this guy has to offer?



photos by Rachel E. Johnson

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Urban Dweller

Our friend Sara is headed to NYC to pursue her already blossoming photography career. We went behind the scenes with her as she shot Josh in his loft for a portrait series. This guy can dress himself so we were just there to slow clap good ensemble decisions.

From her point of view

a Delta Spirit serenade

Natural light

street style…literally

oh those are for protection


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On The Playground


Little Max on the playground. His parents are starting this kid out cool from a young age. Trust me I’ve seen his wardrobe. It contends with most grown men. A little something we call baby legit.

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image source

Perfect tan bomber jacket.

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First time were blogging mobile.
Miles Davis man of style

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