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The Toggle

In my opinion a coat with a toggle is design perfected. This classic accent is my absolute favorite for fall, on coat, jackets, blazers and sweaters. SL guest contributor, Brian Hodges, asked for toggle coat suggestions, well toggle coat suggestions you shall have my friend.

Price Point

  1. Duffle Jacket — H&M 


The Statement

  1. Faux Leather and Knit –Zara Men


Best of Black 

  1. Liful Black Duffle JacketHypebeast



  1. Navy Waxed Cotton ToggleFrench Garment Cleaners Co.



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Well Done


Right now, Charity Water is digging wells in Africa. Each well cost $5000. Our friend Lauren was sent an email from a student that had started a fund, and is currently at $4000 of his goal. Once the additional $1000 is raised, 250 people will have a well dug for them- and just like that, their lives will change. Help us with this initiative we are calling,

If 200 readers + bloggers donate just $5, the well is finished.

It’s really simple, and has a great value.

If we succeed by next Friday, we will have raised that $1000.

Donate Here

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Tweet. Tweet @somethinglegit

I must say that I am a little embarrassed. We jumped on the Twitter wagon sometime ago, but never really committed. (Visually it is like we are riding our skateboards behind the back of the twitter wagon holding on by a loose thread.) <insert maybe a great tshirt idea here>

Today my friends, no light dip into the Twitter pool, I’m jumping. Much to my surprise, we had even been re-tweeted, @tweeted, and tweet listed. All new vocab words to add into my already ridiculous abbreves/slang nation.  Sweet.

Here we are on Twitter: @somethinglegit lets conversate!

Here are some of the people we follow. NeedSupply (amazing store based in VA), DonG (blogging and fashion aficionado), Sea Of Shoes (Dallas fashion blogger represent) Hello Splendor (Home/Modern Life), Aspiring Kennedy (UK Bound), FabK (Designer), Studio Surface (West Coast Delicious Design), plus Gentleman bloggers  IanTrevor and Condividiamo!


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Not Enough Cooks In The Kitchen…

If you are a bachelor and you are looking for that special someone, you should be finding ways to make yourself, how do we say..marketable.  You are not a sellable OBJECT, no but you want to have several things in your pocket to be able to talk about at on first dates right?  If you are currently dating someone and you feel that things are kind of…eh.  It’s time to shake things up am I correct?  Let me tell you something.  You need to learn how to cook and here’s why.

1.  It’s better for you – When you are cooking you know exactly what is going in your dishes…how much salt, fat, sugar, etc.

2. You can impress the ladies – As much as most of them won’t admit it,  We love it just as much as you do and if you’re PASSIONATE about food…that’s sexy.

3. Cuts cost – I would think that you would rather be spending money on an awesome activity on a Saturday night rather than that hefty restaurant bill.

This can be a little overwhelming especially if your specialty is grilled cheese and ranch style Doritos.  So I’ve found something to help you out.

Epi App

Epi App

This is a great app for your iphone or ipad called Epicurious.  Below I have listed all the wonderful thing this gadget does that will either impress a new lady or get you a big kiss of approval from your current one.

1. Search food recipes by keyword which can include what is in your fridge currently, what’s in season, what’s healthy, etc.

2.  Shop with interactive shopping lists that let you check off as you buy them at the store.

3.  Get reviews of recipes from the enormous amount of Epicurious members.

4.  Store recipes in  your favorites so that you can refer back to them.

And the list goes on! Check out this link to see what else this wonderful app can do for you.

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Graduate From A Boy To A Man

If you are over the age of 15 and still want to shop at American Eagle, make the jump from

Mere Boy

To Man

both shirt and shorts available at AE

Normally I wouldn’t encourage any guy over the age of 18 to be shopping at AE, Hollister, or Abercrombie. But when I saw a few friends of mine decked out in ensembles such as these,


I gasped on the inside. In all honesty I just don’t think they know. Am I right to say that you believe, “hey this looks collegiate.” or “this is a cool graphic.”?  I am here to tell you, chunky cargo shorts and graphic tees are not going to win over the ladies. Trust me! I’ve had this conversation too many times not to have the facts. Women, not girls, want to see you graduate to something like this:

Both shirt and shorts from Martin +Osa (Which is apart of AE Inc.)

These add ons:

Authentic Vans

Keds Brown Chukka’s

But if you must continue to shop at your go to stores (As LC would say “Going for that 5th year senior “) or just don’t want to put in the time to go shopping for new summer wear, start replacing shirts with obvious eagle or logo embroidery(first mistake), and replace them with 5 pack of white tees courtesy of Hanes and available at your local Target.

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A Legit Photo Shoot

Something sweet is brewing over here at Something Legit! We have a new website {more details coming soon}. But, we can’t launch a new site, without beautiful editorial photography. Enter the talented and creative, Sara Kerens. Lauren and I were so lucky to have her  shoot for us! Plus, Saturday was overcast with a bit of crisp air. It was the perfect day for some fashion photography! With solicited help from our past Project X subjects, David and Tommy, a design studio location, and collaborative efforts of art direction, the day ended as a success! Make sure to check out Sara’s blog for all of her other  projects  and a sneak peak of our shoot. More pictures coming soon.


{Sara Keren’s Photography}

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Something Legit: Our PSA

We’re your sisters, your co-workers, your girlfriends, and we’re the strangers on the street and we’re looking…and now commenting. This is a safe place to show you what you should be wearing, how you should be wearing it, and when you should be wearing it. We want you to find YOUR inner style so that you can look and feel your very best (we’re not going to put you all in skinny us.)

(a fine example of the real thing)

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