Laura and Lauren

Personal Styling

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1. Alex

Alex prefers that his clothes fit him. Sometimes he has to make do, but he’ll always go for what fits over what people will think. You can find out more about Alex’s influences on tumblr.

Something Legit Contribution: I Look So Pretty In My Uniform

2. Don

Don is a graphic designer based in Little Rock, AR with a secret passion for fashion. [He also designed our awesome logo] Don gets it. You can follow him around the internet at:
Something Legit Contribution: Temps Down, Flannel Up

3. Jason

This is Jason.

Something Legit Contribution: Your Mom shops at Lands End

4. Grant

For a taste of style, sophistication, and all things dapper, our first gentlemen of choice is none other than Grant Weldon Jackson. He is fluent in his appreciation for the finer things. His background in big business and with luxury brands combined, makes this man a power house aficionado. For further reading, you can find Grant’s musings on his blog.

Something Legit Contribution: Smell Good-It’s Important

5. Ty Raines

Type-A personality…check. OCD tendencies…check. Design obsessed business man…check. The thin line between brilliance and insanity has always been Ty’s starting. As a man dying for the return of the gentlemen’s age, classic fashion tendencies with just the right amount of twisted edge will have to do for now. Plus a side of scotch on the rocks would be nice too.

Something Legit Contributions: An Original With A Twist, Details, Details, Details, Carhartt, The Chicest Man