Street Style

Style that we have seen out and about…

Style we have to give props to because it was just that good.

Victory Park, Dallas 10.5.10

Grants Layers

What we love: Layered oxford and bright blue long sleeve shirt

Why we love it: Perfect for any occasion, also a confident man wearing good pieces, always a recipe for awesome.

Matthews Bomber

What we love: Matthews blue bomber and boots

Why we love it: Slimming and classic a modern James Dean.

Monroe, Louisiana 7.3.10

Grant's Suit

What we love: A tailored khaki suit.

Why we love it: A man a glow on his wedding day!


Brock's shoes

What we love: Check out those gray skinny jeans and Ben Sherman shoes…I died.

Why we love it: If urban western chic is a new genre, we’re all for it.

Meddlesome Moth 6. 1.10

Grant in Gingham

What we love: Light blue gingham pattern

Why we love it: a. Grant’s in it..b. this is why we love summer

Blue Shoes 6.07.10

Donald's Cole Haans

What we love: Faded blues

Why we love it: Love this burst of color paired with pinstripe pants

Short Sleeve Pearl Snap 4.08.20

Summer Chic

What we love: Let’s be honest, just the whole thing

Why we love it: Effortless

Asymmetrical Boat Shoe w Charcoal Grey Cords 3.31.10

Tyler's White Boat Shoe

What we love: Simple shoe with an asymetrical white band across. Easily worn with charcoal gray cords and a long-sleeve white tee.

Why we love it: They were a find from his wife on Gilt Groupe for only 14 bones. That’s a good woman.

Perfect Baggage: 3.22.10

Travis' worn leather briefcase

What we love: The perfect blend of color and wear

Why we love it: Only time can produce this!

Sherlock’s Karaoke Night  1.6.10

#1 Combo

What we love: Tall guy that can pull off a standard button up and classic sweater.

Why we love it: I didn’t catch this gentleman’s name and quite honestly it didn’t matter because I couldn’t stop staring at this outfit. But I had to pass along kudos to this great pairing of button up and cardigan. Added plus he was like 6’5….nice. Totally pulled off the entire package.


Jupiter One Opens Regina Spektor-11.12.09

K Ishibashi-vocals.guitar.violin

What we love: All black 3 piece suit

Why we love it: The pin stripes on the vest, and it fits.


What we love: These distressed kicks

Why we love it: You shouldn’t have to ask

zac-guitar.vocals. keyboards

What we love: Colors in the flannel

Why we love it: Patriotism

The New Casual Friday-11.10.09


Jonathan's Casual Cool

What we love: glasses=awesome, what you can’t see are his grey low top converse

Why we love it: Standard button up and jeans with a style stand out (the frames)


Grant in The Basics

What we love: Brown Cords, Grey T, Olive Converse

Why we love it: Basics in an arsenal of perfection.

The Wedding Suit-10.17.09



What we love: We love everything, but we especially love this coat!

Why we love it: Its tailored, classic, and the glasses add a nice touch of personal style.


3 responses to “Street Style

  1. Patrick B

    Bahaha. Connor looks like he’s giving an awkward red carpet paparazzi pose in his pic.

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