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The Great Gatsby

Gasp! A good man forwarded this link with the following collection of 1920’s inspired fashions.

Introducing The Great Gatsby Collection by Brooks Brothers….<start slow clapping>… for Jay Gatsby everyone.

With that said, the revival of this F.Scott Fitzgerald classic & the new Baz Luhrmann film ,to soon be released, has us anticipating summer suiting. This collection was inspired by costumes from the new film and designed by Catherine Martin. I hope that this summer is just a roaring with a peach color palette and these preppy ties…poor joke, don’t judge.


Pink Stripe Linen Jacket


Shawl Cardigan


Navy Split Tie


Tattersall Vest


White and Brown Spectator Wingtip


Golf Collar Oxford



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An Original With A Twist

Guest Blogger: Ty Raines

Brooks Brothers has been shaping the gentlemen’s game since 1818. That distinction makes Brooks Brothers the oldest men’s clothier in the US and even at the ripe age of 192 years old, the firm has proven, yet again, they are still willing to buck a conservative trend for something much more modern. The 2009 introduction of the Black Fleece label, helmed by the indie fashion darling and toast of New York, Thom Browne, indicated that Brooks Brothers understood the evolving gentlemen’s game and wanted to be amongst the industry’s leaders. Browne worked within the traditional fabric palette of Brooks Brothers to generate invigorated, well tailored, athletic cut suits, shirts, ties, and even swimwear.

The classic grey suit

A tailored navy suit of pure linen, a modernĀ  twist on a classic that can be utilized from May-September.

The traditional navy and gray pinstripe suit of wool, silk, and linen would allow this investment pieces to year round use.

Either as stand alone items or even in the company of each other, the seersucker trousers, the ribbed cardigan, and Browne’s revised naval coat all offer their own edge to the average weekend party attire.

Tartan Tie, the perfect accessory to the American classic white dress shirt, cuffed jeans, and even a vest.

Digging this navy Flannel Tie. It’s the dieal unexpected addition to a simple outfit. Pair the tie with a traditional pair of khaki pants, a pair of adventerous colored loafers/wingtips, and of course, roll the sleeves on that white dress shirt. Effortless.

Venture over to Brooks Brothers to scoop out the still emerging Black Fleece label and if you’re lucky enough to live in a city with either a stand alone or in-store section, don’t miss a sale. Monster.


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Smell Good-It’s Important

Guest Blogger: Grant Weldon Jackson

Most of us were introduced to Men’s fragrance in the same way. Typically we began to be interested in fragrance when we realized girls no longer had “cooties” and we didn’t want to smell like we just came from gym class.

Thus this prompted us to go to the local drug store, department store, or teen clothier to find something that smelled better than puberty. More than likely, we probably bought something that was mass produced ,cheaply made, and emitted a pungent smell announcing to everyone we had finally arrived as a teenager. Well guys, you’re not 13 anymore, its time to get it together and learn how to choose and wear your fragrances correctly.

Here are a few tips and samplings of my favorites to get you started.

Frederic Malle- Editions de Parfume- {Bois d’Orage aka “French Lover”}

My eternal favorite-Amazing fragrance that evolves as you wear it. I never get tired of wearing this unique fragrance. Available exclusively at select Barney’s.

Aqua Di Parma-Colonia Intensa Eau Cologne

Absolutely masculine, elegant, and timeless. Available at Neiman Marcus.

Clive Christian-X Perfume

This is literally the gold standard in fragrance. It’s expensive yes {$350}, but worth every penny. This is not something that everyone will have, but something everyone will want after they smell it on you. Ladies take note! This is a great gift for special occasions, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Available exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman.


This is a great warm and masculine scent that is perfect for the fall and winter. You can’t go wrong with this one. Available at Kiehls.

Le Labo-Vetiver 46

Very distinctive masculine scent and is a perfect staple to be the “Old Faithful” in your medicine cabinet. Le Labo is unlike most fragrances in that these are formulated at the time of purchase in the store. This ensures the freshest mixture of ingredients so that you take home what the perfumer truly intended this fragrance to be. Available at Barney’s.

Royal Lyme

Exactly what it sounds like. I remember my dad wearing this almost exclusively at our time spent at the beach every summer. It truly smells like summer and is a great alternative forĀ  the summer months. Available at Brooks Brothers.

So now that you know how to wear it, what to look for, and where to get it, you are prepared to move beyond the ignorance of your youth and move into an educated approach to smelling good. Go find what works well on your and be prepared to get some extra attention from those attracted to your new found wisdom.


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