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The Toggle

In my opinion a coat with a toggle is design perfected. This classic accent is my absolute favorite for fall, on coat, jackets, blazers and sweaters. SL guest contributor, Brian Hodges, asked for toggle coat suggestions, well toggle coat suggestions you shall have my friend.

Price Point

  1. Duffle Jacket — H&M 


The Statement

  1. Faux Leather and Knit –Zara Men


Best of Black 

  1. Liful Black Duffle JacketHypebeast



  1. Navy Waxed Cotton ToggleFrench Garment Cleaners Co.



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Take Home Some Tennessee Pride-Day 3

We are back with day 3 of Take Home Some Tennessee Pride. Apologies for our absence but Dallas got a little record high of snow that was a bit distracting. Today we get the skinny from Justin Wright, a Nashville resident, on what he wants for spring. Also he would appreciate an H&M to Nashville stat. Seriously though, I agree it would make a killing!

Name: Justin Wright

Occupation: Photographer

Website: www.justinwrightphoto.com

1. What are you looking forward to wearing in the Spring?

I’m looking forward to wearing jeans and a t-shirt every day. The jeans will be Levi 527 and the shirt will be from BDG.

Levis 527

BDG 2/$24

2.what is your favorite item in your closet?

Button up sweater made by Obey.

3.It is Saturday night and you’re out, where are you in your city? What are you wearing?

I’m at Greenhouse Bar. I’m wearing Levis 527 jeans, my button up shirt from H&M, and my brown Alfani shoes.

4.What do you feel the look of your city is?

Nashville is full of musicians, and everyone seems to dress like one too. You see a lot of jeans with leather shoes, and v-necks.

5.What item do you have your eye on?

I’m hoping to find some cool baseball t-shirts as stores start stocking with spring fashion.

AA Raglan

6.Favorite place to shop in Nashville?

Urban Outfitters, but I’m praying H&M will grace us with a store in the near future.

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