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Harris Tweed


HAVE MERCY! These shoes are hot. Like really hot.

How did I miss this Nike? Bring them back in the name of mankind.

But seriously.




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Temps Down, Flannel Up

With colder temperatures on the near horizon, you gotta be prepared. This fall we’ve already experienced some extreme lows and the winter is surely going to bring even colder temps, so guys, get ready with your flannel. The pattern that graces most flannel is plaid and therefore I’ll be showing you some items that aren’t specifically flannel but are graced with plaid.

There are a few things I associate with flannel: lumberjacks and my grandpa. My grandpa, well, he was a real badass. All grandpas are right? Mine rolled his own smokes for 60+ years, always wore flannel or pearl snaps, gave me my first guitar and was just an all around man’s man. I think it’s still possible to be a man’s man but look good doing it. That’s where this whole flannel thing fits in. Here are a few of my favorite flannels from this season:

The Hundreds Flannel
The Hundreds has quickly become one of my favorite brands. They’ve got some great street/urban style clothing. They’re colors are bright and the designs are unique. Be sure and check them out.

Topman Plaid
If you’re looking to be a little more upscale but still casual then Topman is a great place to start your search. They’ve got quality goods at reasonable prices.

Levi's Pants
I still think Levi’s makes some great pants. You just gotta know what to look for and where to look. All of the above samples come from Urban Outfitters. While I’m not the biggest fan of UO they do have a good, reasonably priced selection of pants. Remember a couple things though: Urban Outfitters is mostly a retailer and not a design based shop. You can probably find any of the items they carry at some other place, like Amazon.com or another store. Secondly, if possible, go try the pants on. You’re always going to find a better fit and a more satisfactory purchase if you can do that. Thirdly, I hate the shoes the guy in the middle is wearing, sooo I think those pants are nice, just with some other shoes which segues perfectly into our shoes.

I guess I’m not very traditional when it comes to shoes. I have a hard time finding dressier shoes that I like so if I’m wanting to be upscale casual I’ll opt for something on the contemporary/classy/casual side, like a nice basic white Converse. Sure it’s a tennis shoe but worn well and it can set that outfit off. Otherwise go with something special but not too overpowering. Those Nike’s on the left are black and white, classy but urban. The New Balance have a dope pop of bright blue and I’m a sucker for blue.

Black and White Nike’s (you’ll need a translation tool, site’s in Japanese, sorry)

Converse White Low Chuck Taylor’s

Dope Blue Poppin New Balance

Remember fellas, if you’re tucking that shirt in, make sure your belt matches your shoes. I’m not sure how great a white belt would look but I’m also not expecting you to be tucking many of these shirts in, cos ya know, this isn’t exactly business attire. And you know, if you can’t afford any of the above, go raid your grandpa’s closet. If he’s a cool old dude like mine then you’re sure to find some golden nugs in there.


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